Our Story

The Agency is a Real Estate & Vacation Home Rental Company, founded by two Greeks.
Driven by its strong aspiration to progress the industry and change the experience of selling & renting in the mainland and islands of Greece, The Agency is fully devoted to offering unparalleled experiences and make its clients and guests always feel at home,
while exceeding their expectation levels through our powerful network of partners with promptness, professionalism and discretion.

Our Mission

To make your holidays an interval of freedom that allows you to create memorable and engaging experiences.
The Agency will achieve its mission by becoming both a lifestyle agency, committed to offering tailor-made experiences, and a
creative agency, committed to offering the best design, innovative marketing & sales solutions to its international clientele.

The Founders

Ada Stamopoulou
Ada has lived and educated herself in managerial & financial subjects in three continents, Europe (Warwick Business School), North America (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Asia (Indian Institute of Management). Since completing her MBA, she worked for several multinational companies. With a background in project development, property management and real estate, Ada has found a winning synthesis of skills in her endeavor at The Agency.

Evita Katsiani
Evita has an educational and professional background in both fields of architecture & marketing. She worked in London as an architect and in Athens as a marketeer. She has also completed a Digital Marketing Diploma. Following these diverse experiences, she has come to realize that she is very passionate about design and the way marketing strategies influence decision making. Evita’s architectural background brings a great value to any real estate transaction.